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Art as a way of dressing


Feel the art on your skin

Rock / prehistoric art is the first language. The first way to transmit concepts, with a vocation to endure.

Its authors were people who already had the ability to invent stories ...

At Vanguerati, we create unique and unrepeatable pieces, full of sparkles and colors that denote our way of seeing life.

Fashion and accessories with their own identity. For posterity. 

High quality national leather

Our bags are manufactured one by one by hand using national leather in any case and we will explain why:

1. This long-lived material has advantages both in durability and breathability as well as in the style that it retains over time, being elegant regardless of the time.

2. Leather is an organic material of natural origin and for this reason it is considered a noble fabric that is also biodegradable.

3. Through its use we support local artisans betting on a sustainable economy.


Art on 100% silk

Silk is a unique example of living heritage where memory, identity, creativity and knowledge can be found in one single piece. Few materials have had such a remarkable impact on technical, functional, cultural and symbolic matters.

We are only comfortable working with real natural silk.

A fabric worthy of gods, on which we shape previously hand-drawn works that come to life through the movement of the silk itself.


Pieces that make the difference

Organic cotton or ecological cotton is one that is grown free of toxic substances such as fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides of petrochemical origin.

The seeds used are not transgenic, that is, they have not been modified by genetic engineering incorporating genes from other organisms to achieve the desired characteristics.

Since our beginnings, Vanguerati has been committed to ecological raw materials, manufacturing ALL our t-shirts with this 100% natural origin fabric.

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