Transform your garments and accessories into unique hand painted pieces

How does it work?

1. Send us an email attaching the image of the leather, denim or cotton item (jacket, bag, wallet,

briefcase, suitcase,  shoes, belt...)  what you want to transform into a work of art to; explaining

your idea and the areas to be painted, and we will reply with a quote.

2. Once the budget has been accepted, you must send us your item to the address that we provide you in Valencia (Spain).

3. As soon as we receive it, we will get to work using special, durable and waterproof paints.


4. The contact during the progress will continue via WhatsApp.

5. Once finished, we will return it to the indicated address, wishing that your piece lives a second and exciting life.



DESIGN : Describe the design you have in mind; choose a design from our gallery of finished works to make this our starting point; or give us total/partial freedom and let us surprise you.

Note that:

1. The work is signed by Vanguerati, and therefore, it is true to his style. So we have the right to reject works that do not represent us.  

2. We do not like to make exact repetitions of previous works, so that each piece is special and unique.

PAYMENTS : We accept payments through Paypal or Bank Transfer. It will be mandatory to pay 50% of the budget before the start of the work, and the remaining 50% prior to the final shipment, after verifying the result through an image/video.


PRICES : Our prices are calculated depending on the size of the work area, complexity and the condition of the surface of the property.

TIMES : From 2 weeks to 2 months (it will be valued according to the work).


chaqueta de cuero pintada a mano
prenda vintage pintada a mao