About us

Vanguerati is a luxury fashion and artistic accessories firm

Founded by María Subiela in 2017, Vanguerati is a luxury fashion and artistic accessories firm based in Valencia, Spain.

handpainted vanguerati tshirthandpainted vanguerati leather jacket
Our story

The story behind Vanguerati

María Subiela, founder of Vanguerati, has been captivated by art since her childhood. From a very early age, she began to explore her passion by painting oil paintings and organizing her own exhibitions.

Over time, her fascination with design and art intensified until it became the main driver of her life. In 2017, she named her brand Vanguerati, using the same name she chose for her first collection during her Fashion Design studies.

That collection, inspired by the emblematic automobiles of the prestigious Italian firm Maserati, now fused the “V” of Valencia, her hometown, with the avant-garde concept.

Our PAssion

A way of seeing life

At Vanguerati, we create unique pieces, full of sparkles and colors that denote our way of seeing life. Each of our models is created to stand out from the rest, standing out for its uniqueness and picturesque style. Our greatest satisfaction is that our clients feel unique; For this reason, all our products are marketed as unique pieces, small productions or limited editions.

Real Testimonials

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See what our past clients say

“Undoubtedly a spectacular quality”

Undoubtedly a spectacular quality and design. Vanguerati breaks with any scheme making you feel what it's like to wear a unique piece, with the plus of being made in Spain and contributing to our local economy. A success to wear this brand with accessories that will not go unnoticed before anyone's eyes. Congratulations on the Vanguerati project. Unique avant-garde pieces.

tamara ruíz
alicante, es

“I love her designs”

I love her designs. Their pieces are not only stunning in their craftsmanship and design, but also reflect a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility that resonates deeply with me. I have purchased 3 garments and can't wait to see what they make next!.


“My dog also loves it”

I opened it everything is good. It's so pretty. My dog also loves it, he keeps trying to play with the straps.


“An incredible design”

An incredible design, I am delighted with the quality of the bag, apart from the fact that it is beautiful, you can see the quality of the materials, the care that goes into their designs, I will buy again without a doubt!

andrea lozano
dénia, es